How to get rid of lipoma naturally?

A lipoma is a harmless soft mass of the fat cell ( adipocytes) present under the skin that is painless, movable, and less than 5cm in size mostly. Read on to learn about how to get rid of lipoma naturally?

We found some treatments that can make lipoma go away naturally to a considerable degree but first we must know the possible causes.

How to get rid of lipoma naturally
Lipoma illness by Afag Azizova

What are the causes of a lipoma?

The exact cause is still unclear. But studies suggest that the following can be the possible reason:

  • genetic inheritance
  • obesity
  • alcohol abuse
  • liver disease
  • glucose intolerance

Some studies also showed a correlation between trauma to a certain body part and lipoma development.

Medical conditions that can also result in lipomas:

What are the available treatment for lipomas:

  • Surgery: The lipoma will be surgically removed with the use of local anesthesia.
  • Liposuction: The suction technique is used to remove fat from specific areas of the body. It also involves the use of anesthesia, so that the patient does not feel any pain during the treatment. Pain, swelling, bruising, and numbness are common side effects after the treatment.
  • Steroid injections: They shrink the size of the lipoma and rarely eliminate them; they are commonly used on lipomas, less than 1 inch in diameter.

What are the natural treatments for lipoma:

Neem oil and flaxseed oil can be used to make lotions for the treatment of lipoma. Neem oil is an astringent and flaxseed oil has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that reduce inflammation.

Chickweed, sage, and turmeric can be mixed with natural oils to make a lotion to treat lipoma. These herbs and oils are known to have fat dissolving and anti-inflammatory properties. (1,2) Mix 1 tablespoon of herbs(chickweed, sage, and turmeric) in 2-3 tablespoons of natural oils.

What should I eat to treat lipoma naturally:

  • Eating more organic food such as fresh vegetables and fruits can help as they have a low amount of fat. Vegetables and fruits are also free of any preservatives and additives.
  • Eating ginger on an empty stomach can help reduce lipoma as it has anti-obesity and anti-inflammatory properties.3
  • Antioxidant fruits and vegetables are known to have healing effects against lipoma. Apple, raspberries, blueberries, spinach, beans, and citrus fruits such as lemon, and orange are some examples that are high in antioxidants.

What are some juices and drinks that can help in the natural treatment of lipomas?

  • Green tea, and warm lemon juice
  •  ¼ teaspoon turmeric in warm milk
  •  spinach smoothie ( 1 cup fresh spinach, ½ glass water, 1 banana, 1 lemon, and 1 apple- blend them in the mixer).

Ayurvedic treatment of lipoma:

  • Kanchanar Guggulu – Cook 10-20g in ½ liter of water and boil down to 50 g, filter, and drink. You can also find tablets and solutions in the market but it is better to make the solution yourself as it is more authentic and original.
  • Take 4g Shila sindoor, and 10g of prabhal pishti with moti and giloy. Taking doses in the morning and evening is recommended.

Can yoga help me to get rid of lipoma?

Yoga has helped people in different ways to get rid of various diseases.4 Kapal Bhati and Anulom-vilom are two such yoga exercises that can help with lipoma. It is recommended to do both exercises thrice a day for at least half an hour.

Should I stop eating non-vegetarian food for lipoma treatment?

There is no proof that they can cause lipoma and even Ayurveda does not prohibit anybody from eating non-vegetarian food yet some studies do suggest the relation of poultry, red meat, and fish consumption to cancer. (5,6)

Non-vegetarian items contain high protein and fat that can be difficult to digest. And nowadays chickens, goats, and fish are also fed with antibiotics and growth hormones.

While chicken and red meat have high-fat content; fish contains lesser fat and a good amount of omega-3 fatty acid which is helpful in lipoma as they reduce the inflammation in the body.

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