What to eat for hair loss prevention?

If you’re facing a lot of hair fall recently and you find yourself sitting alone in your bathroom questioning your life choices while scowling at all those shampoos, conditioners, and hair products you wasted your hard-earned pennies on, that delivered nothing of those phony promises;

You’re not alone!. Millions around the world face the same grief and some have found ways to successfully reverse this and get those healthy locks we all dream of.

The hair growth, texture, etc. depends on your genetics, age, health, and diet. Age and genetics are not in our hands. But what is under your control, is your diet. 1

Don’t you worry about what to eat for hair loss prevention because we have got you covered with a list of food items with all the facts and benefits. All you have to do is just READ.

16 food items that you can eat to prevent hair loss:


These are loaded with antioxidants that help improve blood sugar levels and fight inflammation. 2

Antioxidants, on the other hand, can help protect hair follicles against damage from harmful molecules called free radicals. These molecules exist naturally in the body and the environment. 3

Berries are also packed with vitamin C which assists in the production of collagen, a skin-loving protein that also helps in conditioning and strengthening the hair follicles and prevents them from becoming brittle.

Sweet Potatoes:

A veggie-loaded with vitamin A, known for speeding up hair growth and making the hair visibly denser, while preventing hairline from regressing.

It also aids in sebum production which is an oily substance produced by the sebaceous gland of the scalp. It helps to moisturize the follicles making them appear shiny while also keeping them healthy.

However, excessive sebum can clog the hair follicles which is why regular hair wash is a must. So, that scalp remains clean.

Eggs & Other Dairy Products:

A protein-packed food item that is nourishing and filling is an Egg. It is a rich source of vitamin D and Biotin.

Protein and Biotin are two of the most note-worthy nutrients when it comes to the promotion of hair growth.

Biotin is essential for the production of keratin, a protein that makes up hair, nails, and skin.

The stores and salons are flooded with hair products selling under the name of ‘keratin’ with certain products promising ‘keratin-richness’, and the famous ‘keratin smoothening’ treatment high in demand in salons.

Why opt for these chemically processed products when you can simply enrich yourself with healthy food choices?

Dairy products such as Yoghurt, Milk, and Cheese are rich in vitamins and promote hair growth. They are a great source of protein, vitamin D, calcium, vitamin B12, zinc, iron, and Omega 6 fatty acids.


Spinach and other leafy green vegetables will always be a holy grail. They are packed with nutrition as well as high fiber content.

Spinach, especially, is loaded with beneficial nutrients like folate, iron, and vitamin A and C, all of which promote hair growth. A deficiency in either of the nutrients may lead to hair loss.

However, eating green vegetables does not have to be boring, rather you can eat your greens in a smart, innovative, and tasty way that will keep you satisfied. There are various ways to incorporate spinach into your diet:

  • You can drink a spinach smoothie which is very easy to prepare using 1 bowl of spinach, 1 whole apple, and some lemon juice.
  • Put spinach in your salad or you can eat spinach ravioli.


This wine-colored root is rich in nutrients and even supports brain health. It improves digestive health and improves blood circulation, which aids in bringing oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles, promoting hair growth.

Fatty Fish:

If you’re a non-vegetarian, then this one should be on the top of your list. Fatty fish like salmon, herring, and mackerel are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids; needed for hair growth and improving hair density.

Fatty acids are known to promote strong and healthy hair, provide moisture to the scalp, and keep your hair shiny.


Meat is a great source of protein that can nourish the hair. Chicken and red meat in particular; Red meat is also loaded with iron which is easily absorbed into the blood and aids in oxygen supply to all parts of the body, especially the hair follicles that ultimately results in improved hair growth.

The hair is made up of keratin which is another type of protein. Meat also has a high protein content that makes it an ideal solution for the protein requirement for hair growth


This is a popular shellfish that is a great source of vitamins (B and D). It is also loaded with zinc, iron, and also contains a healthy amount of omega-3 fatty acids.

Diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids are known to promote healthy hair growth.


They are one of the best sources of zinc. They support hair growth by correcting the hair growth cycle which may get distorted by lack of zinc as it is an essential trace element that helps metabolism function and immune system. 

Many people face zinc deficiency and they can always opt for supplements. Zinc supplements are known to promote hair growth.

A lack of nutrients of any kind will always result in some kind of health loss. So always aim for a balanced diet.


It is a great source of protein for vegetarians. Like oysters, beans are a good source of zinc, which aids hair growth and helps to repair the hair cycle.

In addition to protein, they also provide high fiber content that keeps your stomach clean and cholesterol in check. 

Beans are highly versatile and you can eat them in a green salad, a burger, or make a sandwich paste using them.


Soybeans are known to contain all the amino acids that are required by the human body.

It also contains antioxidants, vitamin K and B2, Omega-3 fatty acids, minerals such as phosphorous, iron, and manganese.

Soybeans are a great source of this compound called Spermidine, which is known to prolong the active phase of hair growth.

However, this compound is fairly new, and more research is required before any recommendations can be made.


It is one food item that can do everything; nourishment, weight management, hunger satisfaction, contains low sugar levels, lowering cholesterol, the never-ending benefits go on and on.

They are packed with protein, vitamin B, biotin, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, and mineral such as magnesium.

These are tasty and easily available. You can substitute your unhealthy food choices such as chocolates, fried chips with these tasty and healthy nuts.

There are a variety of nuts such as almonds, walnuts, Brazilian nuts, cashews, etc. You can also find all kinds of products that promise to provide similar benefits as nuts such as almond oil, cashew cream sauce, walnut oil, etc.

But consuming almond, cashew, walnut or any other nut directly is always better than consuming their processed products as these products are expensive and do not contain the same amount of nutritional value as their original counterpart.


Seeds such as chia, sunflower, and flax, etc. are known to be superfoods as they are small food items with massive bags of nutrients, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids, all promoting the full nourishment of the body.

It is best to consume a mix of seeds to get a wide selection of nutrients. You can find these online or in stores.

If you’re one of the health-nuts, who likes consuming those trending smoothie bowls, then this is your cue. Top your smoothie bowl with a handful of chia or any other seed that you prefer along with some berries to make it more nourishing


Carrots are known to contain Beta-carotene, a compound that is responsible for the orange color of carrots. The body converts this compound to Vitamin A which is used for maintaining healthy hair, eyes, skin, and stronger immunity.

Carrots are also rich in fiber and other vitamins such as C, K, and B vitamins. Including this nutrient-packed little root in your diet can provide great benefits.

 It is a great resource to keep your eyes and hair healthy.


One of the most preferred and popular breakfasts out there, oats will be your best friend when it comes to your hair, whether you are male or female.

They are rich in fiber, iron, zinc, and beta-glucans which will help in improving the body’s insulin sensitivity while making your hair healthy and dense.

Beta-glucans are sugar compounds that can be found in bacteria, fungi, yeast, and plants such as barley and oats. Research suggests that they can improve high cholesterol and skin conditions such as wounds, bedsores, and radiation wounds.


Be it clear skin, healthy scalp, or even promotion of cell growth; Avocados have got your back. Include this tasty veggie for amazing benefits.

Avocados are filled with Vitamin E which can prevent the scalp from damage and oxidative stress.

Poor skin health on top of the head can cause hair follicles to shrink which can ultimately result in hair thinning and hair loss.


A staple in many people’s diets, especially vegetarians. Lentils are packed with protein, biotin, zinc, iron, folic acid- do we need to go on?

Including them in your daily meals, ensures improvement in your red blood cell count, which in turn increases oxygen supply to the skin and scalp; where it is required the most for good hair growth.

They are also a healthy source of protein and complex carbohydrates. They have 2-3 times more protein content than rice and wheat.


Research suggests that Red ginseng can suppress the DHT- induced hair fall.

Ginseng is known to increase the dermal cells on the scalp which aids in strengthening your roots. This also prevents breakage and thinning of hair and of course, promotes hair growth.

However, proper consultation is necessary before using ginseng because it can interact with prescription drugs.

Fruits Rich In Vitamin C:

Time for some freshly-squeezed oranges, lemons, tangerines, limes, grapefruits, and pomelos.

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that is needed for the production of collagen which is the most abundant protein in mammals.

Vitamin C-rich fruits can provide our body with iron and vitamins. Also, they have antioxidant properties that help in reducing the damage caused by free radicals that makes hair roots brittle.

Sweet Peppers:

An amazing source of vitamin C and A, peppers are a versatile veggie.

They have high fiber content that helps in improving your gastrointestinal problems and their antioxidant property helps in improving blood circulation.

Consider adding them to mostly all savory dishes that you like. Be it tacos, pasta, salads, tortillas, etc.

Fresh and crunchy, they will nourish your hair and make sure they stay healthy while promoting their growth.

Summing it up, your body will work according to what you eat and how physically active you are. If healthy hair and great skin are your goals, do consider making some changes in your sedentary lifestyle and go for something more mindful and good for you.

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